My Favourite YouTubers

Hey hey hey! Welcome back to my blog and another post! Today I’m going to be talking to you about 10 youtubers I love and why I watch them, hopefully recommending you to some new people! I will be giving 5 small youtubers and 5 ‘made it’ youtubers so you can have a mix of who you might like! Starting with the small youtubers:

5) Martine Rigard – Martine is a very good friend of mine in the YouTube and instagram world. We found each other from another account shouting us out! She’s a very pure girl, who loves to make videos and her videos are really, really entertaining! She isn’t someone who just uploads whenever she wants, she takes her time in her uploads and makes sure she has them perfect!

4) Hannah Catharine – I met Hannah on a small youtuber support group chat on instagram! Hannah is a lovely girl, who supports me so much in everything I do which I’m super grateful for! I supported Hannah’s channel before I met her on instagram and I’ve loved her content for a while now. She takes time in her content, and I just LOVE her editing!

3) Olivia Grace – I’ve been following Liv and her blog for a quite a while now and I was over the moon when I found out she had a YouTube channel! She works so hard on all of her content, blog content and youtube content. And she’s currently slaying it over on Instagram! You can tell that she works hard to create content that she knows people will enjoy, and I’m one of those people that enjoy watching and reading her content!

2) Grace Ariya – Grace has been a friend of mine for a while now. Her content is so pure and she is slaying it! She is so close to 3.6k subscribers which is insane! If you are into fashion and style, tiktok hacks, vlogs and study videos then you NEED to check out Grace’s channel! What I love about her channel, is that she covers content that everyone can love. For example, a subscriber might not really be interested in fashion and style but could really be interested in studying and revision, which Grace covers!

1) Love Charley – Charley is an AMAZING friend of mine who I met through a youtube small support group! We have something very special planned soon… hehe. I love Charley’s content because it is really relatable. She posts up-to-date videos in which people can definitely enjoy! She posts really enjoyable content in which you can binge watch 24/7!

Now, onto the bigger youtubers!

5) Tara Yummy – I found Tara through Sam & Colby and friends! Tara is hilarious, who carries 200k subscribers and she’s doing SO WELL for herself. I’ve been following Tara for a year, and her content is so funny and she listens to her followers. Her boyfriend, Jake Webber, is also one of my favourite youtubers and they are the PERFECT match. They both bounce off each other and Jake helps and supports Tara so much. If you have never watched or seen one of her videos, PLEASE GO AND WATCH! She is so enjoyable.

4) Jake Webber – Jake is one of THE CRAZIEST people on YouTube but I love it so much. He is so funny and the videos he makes, makes you laugh out loud. 9 times out of 10 I’ll end up rolling around on the floor laughing so hard. Random, I know. He lives in ‘The Traphouse’ with three other youtubers who are also his best friend’s. Jake started on Vine and grew his following on there, but moved over to YouTube when Vine stopped. Jake creates content which is so RANDOM. You literally never know what he’s going to post next which is what I love about him.

3) Annie Long – I found Annie in my recommendations list about a year ago, and clicked on her video. Since then, I have LOVED her videos and can’t wait until she posts. She posts relatable teenage girl videos and gives so much advice that has helped me out so much! She is different to other youtubers in the sense that she doesn’t just do typical videos, she makes them her OWN. She is always really good at giving credit to other youtubers, which is SO important to do. If you haven’t watched Annie and you are looking for relatable content, Annie will be someone to give you that!

2) AndrewTMI – I found Andrew through watching Loey Lane’s videos. I thought he was absolutely hilarious. I’ve been watching Andrew’s videos for 2 years now and I love his videos so much. Claim to fame: I have a twitter fanpage and Andrew actually follows me on it! We either dm or retweet each others tweets lol! Andrew always comes up with great ideas, and some can be so random! He includes his parents a lot and altogether they are all SO FUNNY!

Now, number 1 spot is TWO youtubers (sorry ah)

1) Sam & Colby, Reggie Webber – Let’s start with Reggie Webber. As you’ve probably guessed, Reggie is Jake’s brother. My fan page on twitter is dedicated to Reggie and I also recently started a fanpage for him on Instagram called ‘reggiesgolden’. Reggie also follows me on twitter, and I literally love him so much. He’s so random and so funny. My friend on twitter surprised me with a video from Reggie and I watch it whenever I need hyping up or whenever i feel down. Reggie, says what he thinks. It is ALWAYS hilarious. I will always support Reggie and I’ll always hype his videos up hehe.

Sam & Colby – I found Sam and Colby about 3 years ago now. I’ve been obsessed since. They have independent channels but they have a combined channel. I’m talking about all three lol. The combined channel features the two of them exploring haunted places with Jake Webber and Corey Scherer. They always choose the best places to go and they make the content really enjoyable. They are constantly trying to make videos better and are trying to make their fans believe in the paranormal. They are the reason why I am so into the paranormal!

So there you have it, my favourite YouTubers. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I’ll see you soon!

Neve xox

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